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Diego Garcia, Philip Wood Conspiracy Theory: Report Says Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 May Have Landed Elsewhere

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A report this week has said that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370 has landed and didn’t crash into the Indian Ocean more than a month ago amid conspiracy theories that the plane ended up on the U.S. base of Diego Garcia. ( Mais...

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preacher1 0
Funny, that the PM says he's not prepared to say all 239 people are dead. He already has. I still say there is more there than is being told. Maybe we'll find out one of these days. They have made a total flop of trying to perform in prime time. They should have give the initial investigation to somebody else and put all their concentration on the State visit that started this morning. They would have done much better. Then again, they may know exactly what they were doing, if some of the theories of a rogue pilot are true, and using that bungling as a cover up, knowing exactly where the plane is.
linbb 1
Give it up as if there was any other place it may be they would have found it by now.
preacher1 1
All seem fairly convinced it's down there in the ocean, in proximity to where they been looking. Question is WHY???? That may be what they know and aren't telling.


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