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Video: Camera falls from plane and lands in pig sty

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Lucky it didn't hit any pigs. Make sure you watch until the end. ( Mais...

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Toby Sharp 4
HA! I knew a pig would be on that camera in seconds!
Bernie20910 2
I just want to know what brand and model camera that was, because I had one fall off a chair onto deep pile carpeting once and need $600 worth of repairs. One that can fall out of an airplane and land in a pig pen and still work? Yeah, I'll take two please!
PhotoFinish 2
Often GoPro cameras are used in these situations.
Bernie20910 1
Yeah, that's what I found doing a search for the video. It was a GoPro
Michael Hogan 1
Pigs in space?
steve rogers 1
great commercial for that camera brand lol!!!
jason carroll 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Camera falls from airplane and lands in pig pen--MUST WATCH END!!

A man stuck his camera outside of an airplane and dropped it. It records the entire fall including the landing... In a pig pen!!
Paul Nolte 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Camera Falls From Sky, Lands in Pigpen, Films the Whole Thing

Fake? Or not? You decide...

For GoPro's next magic trick, it will drop from a plane, land in a pigpen, survive for eight months, and live to show us the footage.

This video is not for the faint of heart if heights, spinning cameras, and the back of a pig's tongue aren't their thing.

Mia Munselle uploaded the 70-second clip to YouTube. The camera wasn't hers, but she found it on her property after it dropped from an airplane. Apparently its former owner was about to dive out of said plane before losing the handle of the GoPro.


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