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Blackhawk Flight Crew Gets A Parking Ticket [PHOTO]

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It turns out one Colorado cop has quite the sense of humor. The Blackhawk was part of the Army National Guard units called in to help rescue stranded victims of the Colorado flood. He had to park in the street, and he got ticketed for "facing the wrong way" and "parking in a no parking zone." ( Mais...

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Jpliego 8
Phil, personally knowing two pilots that live in that area. A good chuckle is definitely what they need.
robert albee 12
Emergency crews are generally inundated with hours of boredom interrupted with moments of terror. I think they deserve to have a little fun on occasion. I think this is pretty cool.
robert albee 6
In addition these people work really hard under conditions that would be unimaginable saving plenty of families from extremely harmful situations in challenging situations.
Ben Eige 6
I live in Longmont (Boulder County, CO), and have spent the last two weeks helping families clean up and try and put their lives back together. These "streets" are still closed in many foothill and mountain areas. The helicopter pilots are heroes. The police officers and other emergency responders are heroes, and this is a great tribute to all of their hard work made in jest. I laughed and so appreciated the police officer's sense of humor in the midst of all that has happened here recently.
Leighton Elliott 6
I like a cop with a sense of humor. Prolly a vet.
Charles Meade 11
Love it!! - It helps to lighten the moment during such a tragedy :-))
Jeff Pinder 4
GOD Bless those that serve our states in the time of need...and our country. Having served in an Army Aviation platoon full time and with the Guard, "we are here to serve". Much like the great Army aviator Ed "Too Tall" Freeman said, "You call, we Haul". What is with all of the thumbs down on the comments?
Patricia Lewis 7
Great, a moment of levity is often uplifting in such circumstances
thebees007 3
Can't wait to see that in traffic court
Suzanne Chance 3
As a former EMT/firefighter for 12 years who saw plenty of full-color tragedy right in my face, I know we all, including all our first responders, Blackhawk crew too, need to laugh even in the midst of sorrow. I'm sure the Blackhawk crew thought it was priceless, and the officers around the station got a good laugh, too, before going back to their dangerous and often tragic roles. Laughter is a great stress reliever, and it's very stressful to respond to such massive tragedy. Let's hear cheers for all who serve, and allow them to laugh, and laugh with them, if it will help them help others better. And my basement is still drying out from the floods, but we were so much more fortunate than so many.
Mark Lansdell 1
Here here! And thanks for your 12 years of service work.
Ric Wernicke 3
At least he did not have it towed. He might have been hoping to list it on the asset forfeiture list. Bet it would be more fun than a squad car.
joel wiley 2
Until he got the maintenance bill.... As they say around there, the purchase cost of the horse is the least of it. 8-)
Here, hit Wheezer!(Steel Magnolias) Laughter through tears (tragedy) is a good thing guys, lighten up. I'm pretty sure an intelligent person knows they were just interjecting a dab of humor in a dark situation. It makes the world go 'round just a little bit better.
Dee Lowry 1
BLACKHAWK down!!! You need humor in a situation like that!!!
M J Patrick 1
Now, that's funny! I don't care who you are! What a moment of levity in a very serious situation. May God richly bless you all!
Perry Smith 1
Gee, They're still using analog
Larry Toler 1
He should have put a boot on the tire.
joel wiley 1
Doubtful, Boulder county appears to boot for multiple unpaid parking tickets. This was a first 'offense'
Lingual placement appropriate for comment
Mark Lansdell 1
:-) pretty ineffective on a VTOL aircraft. I know you tongue was in your cheek.
David Stark 1
I wonder where the person "claiming police experience" got the idea that a parking ticket should have a court date.
Christian Fardel 1
Is this what a "street" looks like in Colorado?
Having lived there, in some places, yes.
CyranoSmith 1
And for all of that, that is a pretty good 'street', compared to some (Rampart Range Road comes to mind...).
Les Price 0
He should become an instructor and teach his officers to be a little more human and forgiving. There's no sense of humour or understanding in cops anymore.
Gary McNeill 0
I used to fly Blackhawks and have also flown medical evacuation in the Army. Guess I don't see the humor. As a military pilot facing risky decisions in these situations, you don't usually see the humor as others would. Instead you know you are going to have to explain you actions to your superiors who generally view you as guilty of violating some policy or regulation until you can prove yourself innocent. Hate to see the world this way, but have been on the accused end of numerous unfortunate events that come with 14 years of flying in the military. Each time was ultimately vindicated, but at what cost.
Mark Lansdell 1
I'm not sure why your superiors in rank would even know about a spoof like this, officially, unless you reported it. If the ticket is supposed to be comic relief it will end on the roadway. Maybe things have changed over the years.

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Brian Ratcliff 16
They need levity to continue to be effective as emergency responders. Lighten up. Its not like they elected to NOT save someone's life or property so they could screw around.
Mark Lansdell 4
Give me a break. These guys work hard and deserve a moment now and again. You can't stay at battle stations to long or it get's ineffective. I wish whoever took the pictures would have included the no parking sign on the "street" :-) . It's almost a complement to the pilot and crew that the "cop" wanted to mess with them.


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