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Qantas planes in 'near-miss' over Great Australian Bight

Evasive action has been taken by the pilots of two Qantas aircraft to avoid hitting each other over the Great Australian Bight. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has confirmed the apparent "near-miss" between two aircraft about lunchtime. CASA said evasive action was required when the aircraft got too close to each other. Qantas confirmed two of its aircraft were involved, but denied there was any near-miss. Airservices Australia, which manages air traffic controllers, said it… ( More...

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Pat Crowe 1
The incident in question took place over the Gulf of St Vincent in South Australia not the Great Australian Bight.
The report is also incorrect as the requirement for separation is 1000ft vertically or 5nm
horizontally, not both.
Chris Bridge 1
Well of course it's incorrect now. They've changed what they've posted originally. Was posted an hour after it was originally came to light.
John Sully 1
our ABC appears not to check the facts, again. This is another incident. Sack them all. I'm sick of paying for the political lefts' propaganda media.


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