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Apple iPads Now Gracing the Cockpit of Every American Airlines Aircraft

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8,000 iPads now in use across AA's entire aircraft fleet. Apple's iPad brought about the tablet revolution when it was introduced in early 2010, and the Cupertino, California-based company has made great efforts to push the tablets onto regular consumers, businesses, and even into classrooms. ( Mais...

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bbabis -1
About time airline management smartens up. Now, if the FAA can get their blinders off. Passengers can only use theirs in cruise while the two pilots up front can use theirs in all aspects of operation. Hummm...
Josh Williams -1
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American Airlines Finishes Rolling Out iPad Flight Bags

Some airlines and aircraft makers have made a big deal of moving to tablet-based flight bags, but few can say they've made a complete switch. American Airlines can -- it just finished deploying iPad-based kits to all its cockpits, which can use the tablets at every stage of flight. The move lets the carrier ditch paper charts and manuals across the board, with an according round of savings in fuel and weight. Regional partners haven't made the leap to digital, although that may come soon: American Eagle Airlines will have the choice of using iPad flight bags starting on July 10th. While most of us in the passenger seats will never notice the difference, the shift will likely help American's bottom line.


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