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Plane diverted to Glasgow Prestwick Airport after 'problem'

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An Egyptair plane from Cairo to New York has landed at Glasgow Prestwick Airport after being diverted. ( Mais...

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joel wiley 1
Another report, would have been duplicate...

Does this mean TSA will be confiscating paper, pens, pencils? Pencils can be deadly weapons used correctly.
Everybody knows the best way to gain sympathy is to threaten death and destruction. Not.

I hope the Brits jail them and then send them back where they came from.
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US-Bound Flight From Egypt Redirected After Bomb Threat

An EgyptAir flight from Cairo to New York was intercepted by British fighters to Glasgow after a passenger found a note reading, "I'll set this plane on fire" in one of the restrooms.
KingAirB200 0
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Threating Note Found on Egyptair Flight to JFK

Five passengers from an EgyptAir flight diverted to a Scottish airport over an apparent threat to destroy the aircraft are now seeking asylum in Britain, authorities said Sunday.

New York-bound Flight 985 from Cairo was forced to make an emergency landing on Saturday after a threatening note was found in the plane's lavatory.


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