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Much like the arrival to your favorite Bahamian bonefish flight, it was a little bumpy and brakes weren't needed. ( More...

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Marcus Pradel 2
You haven't flown in the Bahamas until you've seen a Part 121 operator running around VFR altitudes, doing 10 minute ground stops with 1 engine running to get passengers/luggage off the other side.. or making intersection departures!
What a perfectly good waste of an airplane, having an inept pilot attempt to fly it!!!
preacher1 1
I notice in the story the pax applauded the pilot when the wing broke for his quick thinking in hitting the fire bottle and shutting down the engines. M-m-m-m. I thought that's what he should have done in the normal course of things but more than that, unless something was left out of the story, HE was the reason they landed hard and crashed in the 1st place. Junkyard is the best place for Saab's and ATR's anyway
joel wiley 1
Maybe the applause was because they all remembered his last landing? PF has second job with airline parts salvage company SA?


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