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Millions of productivity hours lost due to FAA gadget ban

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According to a new study, fliers will have to forgo 105 million hours of personal electronic devices (PEDs) this year due to FAA’s ban on their use during takeoff and landing. ( Mais...

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Torsten Hoff 10
People WASTE millions of hours of productivity with personal electronic devices.
Rick H 6
People need to clam down and pay attention during takeoff and landing. If there is an emergency you are going to cost your own or someone else's life because you were too busy to pay attention to the saftey briefing because you would perish if you didn't send a text message or make a phone call or play a brightly colored game.

The people who feel its their right to ignore the flight attendants and play with their phone/tablet are the same ones you see driving everyday talking on their phone and or texting... they kill thousands of people a year because they think rules about electronics are "inconvenient".
Bill Osborne 2
Good decision. Put them in your pocket during take offs and landings!
Michael Fuquay 2
It makes sense, considering all of the planes that have fallen from the skies recently that were completely and irrefutably attributable to PEDs.
chalet 0
What led you to reach this totally wrong and horrible conclusion.
Torsten Hoff 3
chalet 0
What led you to reach this totally wrong and horrible conclusión (LIMAO!)
Michael Fuquay 1
The restrictions on PEDs has everything to do with keeping passengers alert during the most critical portions of flight (pre-flight, takeoff, landing), and has NOTHING to do with disruptions of flight controls.


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