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Vintage Plane Spotting at Atlanta – 1990 [VIDEO]

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Here’s some great footage from Atlanta in 1990…some oldies and beauties!! ( Mais...

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Daniel Baker 2
Most of those "vintage" Delta MD80s probably are still flying with a new Delta paint job.
josh homer 1
Lol I know, right? If 1990 is considered vintage, than I'm a relic!
preacher1 1
Me too!lol
preacher1 1
Sad part is, I can remember when most of that stuff was new.LOL, and I love that L1011 too
Kenneth Holland 1
I thought about that after I posted it. What is considered 'vintage'? I may be incorrect. And yes, 1990 is like yesterday to me!!
preacher1 1
I can rember being there for a conference in 93 over at what then was the Stauffer-Concourse. Had a balcony room and it was just back to back landing/takeoff. Had wife and youg son with me. I went to meetings, son just parked on the balcony. 2 days and wife couldn't get him to do anything
emperorjimbo 1
I still love the L-1011


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