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White House 'Political Gimmicks' Put Thousands Of Jobs At Risk

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As rhetoric from Washington, DC mischaracterizing business aviation continues to heat up, a Kansas lawmaker has lent his voice to the growing chorus of support for the industry. ( Mais...

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Frank DeLeon 1
And yet, the bozo somehow got re-elected.
Brian Bishop 1
I've said repeatedly (til I'm blue in the face) in these forums exactly what the good Senator says here. Keep it up sir. Well done.
We have a pres. who does not lead, he only campaigns. So instead of talking depreciation schedules on all cap ex he only talks airplanes to promote class warfare and rally his base to despise anyone successful, all the while living like a billionaire and jetting on the ultimate in aircraft. George Orwell had it nailed.

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Brian Bishop 3
But he's the only one who has criticized and literally demonized those in private enterprise who have somewhat similar privileges. Can you say hypocrisy?
I don't remember the other presidents bashing private aviation and condemning the wealthy for using and promoting this class warfare. Why don't he talk depreciation on automobiles? Oh I forgot, they are his babies.
Brian Bishop -1
Of course, cause his buddies at the UAW he gave the keys to GM to wouldn't allow that at all!
You got it. Chrysler too!


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