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Beechcraft Premier 390 FATAL CRASH - Thomson GA - 5 confirmed dead

Unconfirmed reports that up to seven persons on board. Jet had just landed on a flight from Nashville: ( More...

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METAR KHQU 210055Z AUTO 00000KT 10SM CLR 09/M04 A3012 RMK AO1 T00931044
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UPDATE: The Augusta Chronicle has an update on the identity of some of the passengers:

"A woman who identified herself as Dr. Steven Roth’s mother-in-law said late Wednesday that Roth – a vascular surgeon with Vein Guys – was on the plane and that her daughter was at a local hospital, but the family did not know Roth’s condition"
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Latest update;
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Should add, the 5200' runway also warns of deer often crossing the runway - unconfirmed but the actual location of the wreckage seems to be fairly far from the runway!!

Weather and winds clearly not a factor.
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Should be a press release shortly, I'm hearing the aircraft aborted the landing, and struck a 60' utility pole, then crashed into the forest - fragmenting on impact.

biz jets 1 NTSB briefing . . .

Aircraft aborted landing on runway 10 for unknown reasons, aircraft's port wing struck near the top of a 60' concrete utility pole - severing the port wing, the aircraft traveled another 1/4 mile (1/2 mile past end of runway 10) crashing into the forest - wreckage is strewn over 100 yards and completely fragmenting the wreckage.
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Confirmation from owners of N777GV that both flight crew have survived . . .
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Both pilots were airlifted to local hospital, the co-pilot had been found walking 300 feet from the wreckage - he has either been transferred or released?, the Captain - Richard Trammell has been upgraded to fair condition from critical.

Photo and update; amazing and fortunate survival of the crew . . .
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(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Five dead in Georgia plane crash

This unfortunate accident happened close to home. Evidently it was a Premier jet according to another source. Pray for the famlies and companies involved please. Our deepest sympathies and condolences. Be encouraged.
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(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

5 dead in Hawker crash in eastern Georgia.

Five people were killed and two injured when a small jet crashed Wednesday night off the end of a runway in eastern Georgia.


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