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Plane crash kills 3 in Maine; investigators on the scene

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OWLS HEAD, Maine (AP) — Federal investigators are at the scene of a plane crash along Maine's coast that killed three people aboard the aircraft. ( Mais...

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Darryl Sarno 1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Plane hits truck on takeoff

A C172 while on takeoff hit a truck, tragically killing 3 people.
Why on Earth was a truck on an active runway? And a POV at that! I hope there's a full inquiry into this (preventable) tragedy.
linbb 3
The reason was stated if you read the artical. This is not an uncommon thing to have anywhere. Controled you call the tower and usually have a sticker to be on the ramp. Uncontroled its see and be seen the driver should have been able to see the AC as most runways one is able to see both ends from any point. Seems that the driver was at fault would be a better idea to move the access road to one end and far away at that.
linbb 1
Also as the pilot pulled onto the runway he may have made a 360 clearing but the truck driver should have seen the AC on take off roll no excuse on his part and by the time the AC saw the PU it was too late.
bentwing60 1
Virtually no one makes a 360 clearing turn while taking off from an uncontrolled field and if they did most observers would question what the hell they were doing. Runways are for airplanes, not trucks with drivers who don't pay attention. Especially if they are pilots and should know better. Sad. Sad.
Don Thomson 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Cessna 172 hits truck on Maine runway, Crashes

The Cessna 172 was heading north on the runway early Friday evening the Knox County Regional Airport when it struck a pickup truck that was crossing the runway, authorities said.


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