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Cessna Declares Speed War

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On Friday, Cessna announced that it has raised the top speed for its Citation Ten to Mach 0.935, which would make it the fastest civil aircraft in service once certified. This eclipses the speed of its Citation X predecessor by Mach 0.015 and the currently stated top speed of the soon-to-be-certified Gulfstream G650 by Mach 0.010. Cessna attributes the speed increase to the Ten’s 7,034-pound-thrust Rolls-Royce AE3007C2 turbofans (more powerful than the X’s 6,442/6,764-pound C/C1s) and the… ( Mais...

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ToddBaldwin3 3
I feel the need, the need for speed".
I'm ready for Cessna to declare a "speed war" in the piston single market!
Lancair/Columbia/Cessna 400.
s l 2
even if the plane can go to close mach 1, it will still be put in line behind slower aircraft
DashTrash 1
You are painfully correct. I flew the X for a couple of years. "Citation X" is an ancient word for "speed restriction".
mauricio rivera 1
Been flying a X for 5 years now and yes you get slowed down every once in a while but has nothing to do with the type of plane. Been many time we get a short cut and get put first in line.
Gene Nowak 1
What happened to he private SSTs that were in development?
Yvon Dionne 1
Went to the Cessna web site in hopes of seeing some video but none was available. The still photos look impressive. Nice job Cessna!!
Marcus Pradel 1
Where's the Popcorn?
DashTrash 1
There just isn't much difference between .92, .93, and .935.
You know, there's very few people that realise that. I get vectored doing .80 for a faster airplane behind me, and we have about 200 miles to the destination, only to get slowed down behind them when we get lower and I'm indicating 350 while they're limited to 320...
Matt Lane 2
Just bragging rights.
blake1023 1
Yep, its still 9 miles a minute!
Clifford Cheadle 1
In knots, no.

In Dollars, yes.


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