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Model 40 to 787: Boeing passenger planes

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The Boeing Model 40 was the company's first passenger plane. It carried mail and up to two passengers. Pretty cool to look at Boeing's passenger aircraft from the beginning. ( Mais...

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Geoff Arkley 3
Quite a lengthy discussion on the subject here:
Lawrence Hobbs 3
The only one they forgot to put a date on was the 40. When did it go into service?
Jeffrey Babey 2
In 1925 for the US Postal Service and May 20th 1927 as model 40-A for passenger service.
David Stark 3
Except for the omission of the 720, I loved this gallery.
mark tufts 3
it is neat to see the progress of airline travl
Jeffrey Babey 2
I think the only one they missed was the B717.
Dubslow 5
That was not designed nor originally produced by Boeing. (What about the 720 though?)
Paul Smith 4
I'snt it a sub-type of the 707?
panam1971 3
It is, in a loose sense; much like the 747-SP is to the 747-100/200.
Michael Smith 3
While the 720 may look like a subtype of the 707, it was certified entirely on its own. The 707's type certificate is 4A26. The 720's is 4A28.

Unfortunately, the 720 is quite often missed when lists of Boeing jets are presented.

The 747SP is a subtype of the 747 but it is certified under the same number as its bigger brothers (A20WE).

Type Certificate Data Sheets can be found at
Jeffrey Babey 2
Interesting info, thanks!
Jeffrey Babey 3
Oh you are correct. The narrow body 720. What else did they miss in this list?
Jose Guillen 2
Heritage Flight!!!!!! ........cue Free Bird!
Jack Lake 2
Boeing has always built great aircraft.


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