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UAL900 fuel dump

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Interesting track of UAL900, B744 from KSFO to EDDF. Aborted because of landing gear door problems (per feed) and return to KSFO. Fuel dump near Point Reyes. ( Mais...

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slgordon3 1
That is an interesting one. Also noticed that this British Airways flight to Dulles diverted recently:
tim mitchell 1
they probably kept them high in order to let the despered fuel time to evaporate before getting ground level and all of the swirls is probably where they descended for landing (holding pattern if you will while they went through all of their checks)
Terry Briggs 1
If you download & fly the Google Earth kml of it most of the swirls & circling are on the outbound leg, before they head to Point Reyes (NW of KFSO) where they dump the fuel at 10000' over the ocean & then turn and return mostly direct to KSFO, with a turn SE of it to back to RW28R. I think most of the circling is for them to try to get the landing gear doors to work, and when they discover they can't, then the return and dump procedure begins.
slgordon3 1
Yeah, i think you are right. I was even wondering if some of the swirls were done close to KOAK in order to get some feedback from the tower over there (ie they were doing a flyby or two) but it looks like they were a bit too far from KOAK for that.


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