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TSA Announces 1 Million Passengers Have Gone Through PreCheck Program and Screening At US Airports

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The Transportation Security Administration, TSA, has announced that it has pre-screened 1 million passengers since the launch of its PreCheck program in October of 2011. The PreCheck program is... ( Mais...

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indy2001 4
How bad has journalism become these days? Just check out the headline, copied directly from The Florida News Journal's article.

If English is not your first language, it should be "... Passengers Have Gone Through ...".
Ok .. and to TSA ... What about it ? Airlines have flown over 1 million hours and don't brag about that ?
brian wright 2
Don't journalists and TSA employees come from the same school?
Steve Jasper 1
Just another tool for terrorist to use.
El Kabong 1
1 Million people will have their personal details sold to third parties when the program crashes (i.e. Clear Blue).
Alex Soto 1
Indy2001- I found this article elsewhere also and in a TSA statement it was worded the same. Perhaps this article titled this way for that reason. Rush to judgement is never good.
Frank Kaiser 1
"Have went"??? Somebody better go back to school!
sstuff 1
Be sure to credit the NEA for the grammar, because school is where they learned it!


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