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HD 737 Cockpit Scenes

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Live from the 737's Flight Deck, and a big thanks to my collegues. Camera : Sony HX9v (compact camera), 1080p 50i rendering Software : Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11 ( Mais...

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Scott Keller 3
Outstanding. Thanks for posting.
I sat entranced the whole way through, brilliant, and I disagree with a previous post regarding the backing music. I thought that they perfectly complemented each other.
mark3 2
Brilliant thank you - love the music, what is it?!
gmaafs 2
oowmmr, I am wondering what would be "spectacular" for you, if not this one. Please share!!
gmaafs 2
Very nice idea. Congrats on a job very well done. Thanks for sharing, realy!
I enjoyed it all the way thru.
Jim Quinn 2
Lovely! Truly lovely! And the music was perfectly matched with this video...
jmilleratp 1
Sweet! Well done. I would also like to know about the music. Thank you in advance!
ToddBaldwin3 1
That was pretty cool.
sparkie624 1
Great Video... The first plane was a much newer breed... One big clue on the instrument panel.
John Casebeer 1
Wonderful. 737 has been a real trooper. The music is great. I am getting older and still LOVE round engines. Anybody else have experience with C 54, DC 3, Beech 18 etc. If not you have missed a wonderful part of aviation.
oowmmr 0
I thought it was going to be spectacular. Some old looking panels, standard flying scenes with interesting music.
Allan Waxman 0


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