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connor oslie 0
... and ive had a learning to fly book out at one point XD
canuck44 0
...keep it open to the "landing chapter" and you might be okay if you translate any word greater than two syllables for the TSA into monosyllables.
Jeff Chiszar 0
Just when you think it can't be much more ridiculous. Wow.

But he wept silently, was left broken hearted and speechless? Really?
alistairm 0
Once again.... all the more reason to not fly in or into the USA. God Bless Canada!!
Jeffrey Babey 0
Sorry, but I think Mr Gilbert should put on his big boy panties and get over it. Some stupid person probably saw the airplane book and reported him as a terrorist which was checked out, the authorities apologized and he got back on the flight. Then he cried all the way to his destination? GOOD GRIEF! Grow a pair!
John Keller 0
TSA=Tourism Suppression Agency.
Marcus Pradel 0
I guess they'll ban Flying Magazine, Plane & Pilot, Guns & Ammo, and a few others from airport newsstands next..
connor oslie 0
I'll bring those along next time i fly just to see what they think... next thing you know, they'll ban pilots from sitting in the back...
richard weiss 0
Bring along that Yemeni best seller "Ghadist Guide To Hijacking Infidel Airliners."
richard weiss 0
Is the TSA trying to destroy any credibility that may remain for their mission? How utterly stupid are these people to question someone for reading an airplane book. Where do they reach minimums for probable cause to question and detain? The old Silent movie "Keystone Cops" look professional when compared to these goofballs.
canuck44 0 jest, of course. You mean the mission to expand bureaucrat heavy government into FDR type work programs not unlike what one sees in China...throw thousands of people at moving rubble 500 yards down the road on Monday and then another few thousand on the succeeding Monday to move it back.
Kallan Miller 0
I guess watching Pan Am is okay, as I did from CLT to ORD.
Robert Bailey 0
We've all heard of "Security Theatre". Trouble is, we can't tell if it's a comedy or a tragedy.
Scott Campbell 0
Has nothing to do with Shuttle America or United Airlines, this was most likely caused by a in - frequent flyer doing the RIGHT thing based on nothing.
Then you involve the TSA and it all goes to hell.

Weeping all the way to DC , really... steaming mad maybe ...but weeping ?
Martin Weaver 0
Welcome to the Democratic Peoples Republic of America. Our duty as citizens is to comply, comply, and comply. It's only humiliation now, but it will get worse.
Mike Barbato 0
I prefer the Union of Socialist States of America. lol


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