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WestJet planning new regional airline, adding smaller planes to fleet

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WestJet wants to go head-to-head with Air Canada in smaller Canadian cities such as Lethbridge, with plans to launch a short-haul regional airline as early as next year. ( Mais...

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hotdok 0
The "can do" airline is aiming for a big part of the Canadian market, Go West Jet go!
canuck44 0
This was foreseen on this site when they got their gates and landing slots in New York. Porter Air was for sale previously and probably again with about 30 Q400 aircraft able to use Toronto Island, but serving much of the NorthEast. This would likely be a good fit for WestJet and allow them to move quickly rather than building from ground up.

It is better to start with relatively new capital than get going and immediately have to replace it. The Q400 would seem to be about the right size and is fast enough to serve routes up to about 800 miles without losing too much time advantage to the RJs.
Lynn Ambedian 0
Westjet/Lethbridge --- that's been on my wish list for years! :-)
Dave Roberts 0
How about better service to Fredericiton from Ottawa? Maybe even to Saint Leonard too! I am also wishing for an Ottawa to Sarasota connection direct one of these days!!
canuck44 0
I'll see YHZ to RSW service before then...Lost the good Saturday connection via ATL this year and am stuck with EWR or PHL.


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