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AA Plane Hits Firetruck @ DFW

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After landing with a medical emergency, the plane hit the firetruck that was waiting to help. ( Mais...

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preacher1 0
Where was the wingwalker?
David Sims 0
From the reports I've read from the fire side, the aircraft was using the Autodock system, which eliminates the use, but maybe not the need, of ground crew during parking.
Well, they are retired those planes anyway. Guess this one will retire a bit earlier.
Mark Carr 0
The kid they did the interview with said, "There's the bucket right there, it's all crushed." It's actually a rear-mount ladder which means the bucket is actually hanging over the cab on the opposite end of the truck. What he was pointing to in the back was just the base of the ladder and the aluminum hand rails that also keep the firefighter from stepping back off the platform. The wingtip probably scraped down each section of the ladder and made one heck of a noise! What exactly did he expect from the flight crew afterward; jokes and comments?
That will be an expensive insurance claim. Fault will be attached to the truck driver for parking too close.
David Sims 0
According to all reports I have seen, the fire truck was parked in the correct vehicle parking area for that gate. Not sure if the airplane was slightly out of its box, or if the box was not large enough for the MD.
preacher1 0
Well, as I said earlier, something wasn't working. If they were using auto dock, I think that systems has a sensor clearance, and if so it didn't work, and if there was a wing walker, he wasn't watching. I would have thought with an Emer. vehicle there that a little more priority would have been given to the AC. Can't really blame the pilot. He was either watching the dock light or listening to somebody on the ground.
Glad it wasn't me!
Toby Sharp 0
did they not program waypoint firetruck into the MFD?
he got is license in a box of cracker jack
Chris Donawho 0
Well, Im with Wayne here. Autodock or not, you have emergency vehicles awaiting the ac so a wing-walker and lead marshaller should have been present. AA will end up paying the cost of 20 marshallers to cover the deductible on this one, unless of course some amount of liability can be shifted to the manufacturer of the Autodock system, if one was used. No one at Term E uses them... sometimes you gotta have people in place.
preacher1 0
Well, I hadn't thought about that. It did not say if this was AA or Eagle(both fly there) but the Eagle side is not using the Auto dock, and if this be the case, AA doesn't need to either. Not sure exactlt how it works but is supposed to do just that, bring you in unassisted. Something did not work here
Elfyn Hanks 0
I don't get why it is so surprising that no one was hurt.
Unless someone had been sat on the top of the fire truck there was no way for anyone to get hurt. I should think the worst that could happen on the plane would be if someone standing up fell over
jaxstrw 0
Please remain seated until the captain has turned off the seat belt sign


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