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Video- 787 finishes certification testing

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The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has completed certification testing. ( Mais...

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Michael Fuquay 0
Alright! Let's get these things delivered finally!
John Hale 0
man can't wait to ride in one. I'm going to try and get on a domestic run when co/ua gets there first one. congrates boeing!
mark tufts 0
i would like to be on the first flight from chicago ohare to honolulu internationial as this way i would like to see how smooth this plane can fly
Michael Fuquay 0
Mark - And you know there will be a flight from ORD to HNL because...? Or ar you just speaking hypothetically? I'd love for there to be one from IAD!
John Hale 0
im thinking iah-lax for me
Chuck Me 0
I was lucky to see a lot of the interior mockups in their "showroom" in Everett as well as seeing #1 on the line during a tour a few years ago. I have been hooked since. Congrats, Boeing!
Bruce Nierman -1
Congrats Boeing...I got a tour of the cockpit and interior of one of the test planes that made it to Yuma. The cockpit had that "new car" smell. Awesome, is all I can say and no window shades anymore as the windows tint internally through electronic control. What an airplane!!!!
Troy Raiteri 0
I'm really hoping delta replaces the 767 on DAL157 for this bird!
mark tufts 0
michael there is a flight from ORD to honolulu non-stop and i think doing the trip on the dreamliner would be great
Andrew Ash 0
Can't wait to fly on the 787, the only Boeing Commercial jet that I haven't flown on. If its not Boeing, I'm not going!!
amahran 0
747-8 and 787 at the same time, Oh man!
Boeing for the win!


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