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TSA stands by decision to force 95 year old woman to remove diaper

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While going through security, the 95-year-old was taken by a TSA officer into a glassed-in area, where a pat-down was performed, Weber said. An agent told Weber "they felt something suspicious on (her mother's) leg and they couldn't determine what it was" -- leading them to take her into a private, closed room. Soon after, Weber said, a TSA agent came out and told her that her mother's Depend undergarment was "wet and it was firm, and they couldn't check it… ( Mais...

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Chip Hermes 0
Their ridiculous diligence on these extreme cases is pretty comical considering they can only catch about half of guns in briefcases that go through the xray.
Cate Becker 0
The daughter summed it up pretty well: while it may have been performed correctly, the procedure is inherently wrong. I cannot believe the TSA is refusing to budge after so much backlash. I truly hope my airport ditches them in favor of a private security company.
Robert Fleming 0
It seems the TSA are Hell-bent on humiliating ANYONE who they deem a "threat" from a young girl travelling with her family to now an elderly lady, because they say her adult diaper could hold an explosive? The only thing dangerous in an adult diaper are bodily fluids! Give me a break. TO THE US GOVERNMENT....DISBAND THE TSA ASAP BEFORE THEY DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD!!!!
Marcus Pradel 0
It's too late for that, the harm is done and now TSA or TSA-Approved security is required by law. So much for republicans wanting less-government!
Chip you're a god send. My monday mornings dragging and a good tsa article is just what I needed. Calvin and hobbs gets old after awhile
Man, I guess tsa anne isn't coming to the rescue on this one
Troy Raiteri 0
TSA has invaded Memphis cause of "high crime rate" and 4 TSA yes I said it 4! TSA Workers have stolen goods from people during body scans. This wants to make me think about what happened to the world today?
Matt Comerford 0
i can only imagine your comments if the tsa didn't screen her and the lady blew up the plane! how incompetent the tsa is!
Michael Fuquay 0
Aah...TSA up to it's old tricks. I'd like to say this is an outrage. But nothing surprises me anymore with these thugs. By their actions, they're turning decent citizens into enraged passengers that would like to do some terrorists actions on them. That's our government at to love it.
David Sims 0
I hardly ever side with the TSA, but why would that woman want her mother to travel wearing a dirty diaper?
conmanflyer 0
No, it can't be TSA approved anymore. it must be TSA or nothing, by law
Do these people have a clue about what a legitimate threat is?? Apparently not. Outrageous any way you spin it.
Matt - do you work for the boys in blue? What a stupid preposterous statement. May it happen to your mother one day.
Casey Sargent 0
Are you kidding me? Wow, America is falling apart too fast. The US Gov't. invented "terrorism" to pump fear into U.S.(us). Enter Bush Sr., who has a C.I.A. background (where it all started), and then comes Jr., with daddy right there behind the scenes with Staff in hand. Then we move to 9/11, which WAS NOT pulled off as we've been led to believe and then comes the Terrorist Alerts with the Red, Orange, Yellow, WHATEVER! Seriously, why are We the People allowing these creepy crooked greedy politicians to continue to ruin our beautiful country and all it stands for? Why?? VOTE for change, but you have to VOTE in order to get it. May God have mercy on us all. Amen.
mark tufts 0
first a 6 year old going thru a pat down and now a 95 year old whats wrong with the tsa
Devan Shopinski 0
Unreal. What threat did this woman pose or were they trying to determine before letting her fly? This is making us safer, how? Use you brain people.
Matt Comerford 0
Allen; you would be the dbag to make your mother fly with a wet diaper!
Kenneth Schmidt 0
I quote the closing line from the movie “Bridge Over the River Kwai": Madness!
Stupid is as stupid does......
tlkent2008 0
If you had been on an airplane that gets a bomb threat, you would feel differently!
Robert Van Dyke 0

If they keep it up, and TSA keeps going over board, knowing TSA all passangers in the future will haft to undergo a B.C.S. [body cavity search] before boarding..Funny the only thing left for TSA to do to be almost at par with Law Enforcement in in processing a suspect [mind you] is the strip search
Seriously the TSA and the US Gov't should proceed like the Isreli's do, it is more efectective, it still has not failed after many years, and not so much crap.
Officials are reporting that an 8-year-old girl in Afghanistan’s Charchino District was tricked by insurgents into carrying a bomb that later exploded as she neared a police vehicle, according to The New York Times.

The incident reportedly occurred in the remote town of Uwshi in Uruzguan Province. An Interior Ministry representative told the BBC that the girl was given a package wrapped in cloth, told nothing would happen and asked to bring it to the police. When she came close to a police vehicle, it was remotely detonated. Only the girl was killed in the explosion.

“Terrorists understand law enforcement’s inclination towards racial profiling. They take advantage of that vulnerability by assuming profiles that are opposite of what we think of as a typical terrorist,” Brandes continues. “Terrorists may use children or elderly women to unknowingly deliver a bomb. They are known as ‘mules.’ They may also assume the identity of a respectable businessman in order to avoid suspicion in the environment they are operating in.”

Female homicide bombers are being fitted with exploding breast implants which are almost impossible to detect, British spies have reportedly discovered. The shocking new Al Qaeda tactic involves radical doctors inserting the explosives in women's breasts during plastic surgery — making them "virtually impossible to detect by the usual airport scanning machines." It is believed the doctors have been trained at some of Britain's leading teaching hospitals before returning to their own countries to perform the surgical procedures. MI5 has also discovered that extremists are inserting the explosives into the buttocks of some male bombers. "Women suicide bombers recruited by Al Qaeda are known to have had the explosives inserted in their breasts under techniques similar to breast enhancing surgery," Terrorist expert Joseph Farah claims.

The lethal explosives called PETN are inserted inside plastic shapes during the operation, before the breast is then sewn up. The discovery of these methods was made after London-educated Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab came close to blowing up an airliner in the U.S. on Christmas Day. He had stuffed explosives inside his underpants.

Hours after he had failed, Britain's intelligence services began to pick up "chatter" emanating from Pakistan and Yemen that alerted MI5 to the creation of the lethal implants. A hand-picked team investigated the threat which was described as "one that can circumvent our defense." Top surgeons have confirmed the feasibility of the explosive implants. Explosive experts allegedly told MI5 that a sachet containing as little as five ounces of PETN could blow "a considerable hole" in an airline's skin, causing it to crash.
steven meyer 0
That is our government dollars at work!!
Michael Fuquay 0
The fact of the matter is: If terrorists are bent on blowing up a building, a plane, or anything else, they will stop at nothing to do it. They are smart and good at what they do. They will continue to do terrorist activities, regardless of the security measures. They will find ways around it. The TSA is a laughable joke to them. They know they could kill more people in a crowded terminal before security. They're successful in the fact that, they don't need to do anymore; they've done exactly what they've always wanted to do - instill everlasting fear in Americans. They've won.
So your suggestion is what? Forget about security? Shut down the airports? Strip search everyone before they get to the terminal? It is easy to sit and throw stones at the TSA, it is another thing to make a suggestion that has merit.
chalet 0
Good ole TSa thinks that a 95 year old granny and a 9 year old child are horrible threats to the US, however ask them what theya re doing to control de contents of the 100,000 (yes, one hundred thousand) 40 ft. containers arriving to US ports every day. Wanna know their answser: nothing, zilch, nada.
Louis Romestant 0
I would like to see chalet's list of container explosions before I make up my mind.
So your suggestion is what?
Timothy Springer 0
An ederly woman should be more appropriate undergarments anyway.
Robert Van Dyke 0
C. Grady
Understand what you said in your post few hours ago, but even w/implants to the human body TSA,would never know, the same w/the x-ray technology, the implants if they really try can make them look translucent, so they would look like implants at the most. SECURITY is a must and you are so right, but what I am saying mirly is just TSA has really gone out there in the way things are done [overboard if we must]. The other thisng is that, the Isreli's have a diffrent approach in how they do things, and is very efective, and I will give you an example "When was the last time a El/AL flight has been hijacked???". So Wesley like I say I agree with you but at the same time theree are other ways
Michael Fuquay 0
@Wesley - It's not about making suggestions. The TSA will always be making changes, adjustments, revisions, to all their procedures/regulations, whether it's based on passenger complaints, governmental maneuvers, or terror threats. The fact remains: They (TSA) will continue to make our lives miserable.
Robert Van Dyke 0
oh I forgot, when was the last time EL/AL had a bomb explode on one of there A/C, just an opinion guys
chalet 0
metermender you are not suggesting that the US waits until another monstruosity like the USS Cole happens, are you. My point is precisely that the US should avoid the possibility of a mere 200 lbs. of an extremely powerful explosive blowing up in say NY Harbour, Long Beach or any other causing unthinkable damages, and I am not talking about nuclear devices, dynamite, C4 and others that are not too difficult to obtain (refer to this link
mgor24 0
seems the TSA always has the same response to the complaints of passengers. Fact is, the TSA is nothing but a bunch of hillbilly's that like to let people fly with invalid boarding passes and ID's
chalet 0
You can say anything negative about TSA you want and they have many eggs on their face but the truth is that (touch on wood) no jetliner has suffered any onboard explosion since 8/11.
mgor24 0
9-11 you doosh
chalet 0
@mgor24 up yours the doosh


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