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Reuters photo on board Cathay - Trading fear for photos on a stricken plane

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We took off smoothly for the short flight from Singapore to Jakarta, and I started falling asleep. Suddenly I was woken up by the sound of two bangs, like a bomb or truck tire blowing out. My wife gripped my hand and asked “Do you smell something burning?” Yes, there was a sharp smell stinging my nose. I realized there was something wrong because all the stewardesses ran back with the food carts. The plane started to vibrate, harder and harder. I held my wife’s hand tightly and looked at her… ( Mais...

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Julius Thompson 0
The pilots did what they train for, that is to bring the a/c back safely to land.
klimchuk 0
Photos made in such situation send strong emotional message
Thomas Hayden 0
As a bush pilot for many years I can tell you certain types of people react to life threatening circumstances by being able to detach their emotion from the events that are causing that same emotion. Call them professionals if you will, but I think it has more to do with having the right stuff. It is a you got it or you do not thing, and not a training thing. I see it more in pilots than in any other place.
toolguy105 0
High fives' to the flight crew; great job. Another strike for Airbus, Rolls Royce and the A330.
RadBaron 0
Third photo:

Yup, we're evacuating the plane. Please wait while I get my stuff out of the overhead compartment.
toolguy105 0
It is not a real evacuation, they are deplaning on the Tarmac and being bussed to the terminal. Still carry on stuff should have been left onboard. Guy probably in shock. Was there a chance they would have crashed or attempted a water landing? Yea if they had been further from an airport maybe. The crew did good.but understandable passengers could be in shock from the experience.
John Dobson 0
Unusual situation with an a full engine fire on today's aircraft - hats off to the crew for the safe return of all!
jim lou 0
In light of the report about AF 447/445, I wonder about the safety of the A330.
Ken Martin 0
Well done to the crew for dealing with a situation that could have ended
up in dire striaghts the photos show the passengers awareness to the problem they were facing,once again well done to all.


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