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OMEGA 707 down at point mugu naval air station

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omega tankers 707 down at PT MUGU NAS. all 3 crew members were able to walk away from crash ( Mais...

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biz jets 0
Doh - double post - I did check, by the time I posted it was here!!!
GarfieldMZ 0
poor plane :-/
biz jets 0
Looks like an aborted take-off, with an off runway excursion - very fortunate outcome consider the amount of fuel on board!!!
Aircraft was said to have burned for 3 hours!!!!
John Casebeer 0
This is apparently a 707 tanker and not a KC-135 which is somewhat different. I know that early in the T707 program a few tankers were built and then followed by the KC-135. I didn't know any of the T707s were in service. Anybody know any more detail?
james Woodley 0
Don't the reporters know how to properly identify the people involved? Crew VS Passengers.
Or thats it is a Naval Air Station, not a Navy Air Base.
emculbertson 0
Paul Keller 0
Here is a good article on this plane. With the N-number more info can be found. The plane was built in 1977 (new for a 707) and converted to a tanker.
John Casebeer 0
Paul Keller. Thank you.
biz jets 0
The article is incorrect - N707MQ is not the aircraft that crashed - the crashed aircraft was N707AR which has a far richer history and was built in 1969 - details on it can be found in the FlightAware Forums.
mark tufts 0
crew was ucky even though the plane was lost case in point crew had their heads screwed on straight and knew all the procedures
Luke Steinberg 0
sniffle sniffle. i used to see this a/c fly around jacksonville last year all the time


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