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New Pilot Rules In Effect In Europe

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New rules for foreign pilots and foreign registered aircraft in Europe came into effect on Saturday and, depending on how member states of the European Union are implementing them, could mean that your FAA, Transport Canada or other pilot certificate or ratings are no longer recognized by the European Aviation Safety Agency. EASA Part FCL homogenizes crew licensing requirements in all EU states and essentially means that those who want to fly in the EU have to prove competence and compliance… ( Mais...

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alistairm 3
I'm European and this is a slap in the face to everyone else. I agree with Jan Brill, the Editor of the German aviation magazine that was mentioned in this bit. Sorry, but this is European snobbery at it's best! I am sure there are slight differences when it comes to rules and regs in Euro airspace, but flying a plane is flying a plane, no matter if you are in Europe or North America. Personally speaking, Canadian pilots are amongst the best. I have a Red Passport (UK - used to be blue) and i was frowned upon for not renewing it because apparently i would be missing out on all sorts of wonderful stuff. I knew better and i am just fine with my blue Canuck passport! Who the heck do these twits think they are!?
is this really true? sounds a little extreme?
alistairm 1
Sounds more like a cash grab!
Justin Wong 2
Thats just ridiculous.
It's simple, North America needs to reciprocate...
does this apply to GA pilots or to ALL pilots?
pilot0987 1
Prob has something to do with the EU tax crap with China not taking its orders with airbus and making new ones with boeing.


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