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KC-46 Flies Around The World Nonstop

A KC-46 from the 22nd Air Refueling Wing accomplished something no 767 or KC-46 has ever done before. On June 29th, the jet took off from McConnell Air Force base and flew west. It landed 45 hours later back at McConnell completing an around the world journey. ( More...

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Nathan Cox 6
Just waiting for the “flat earth” folks to chime in… 😂
stratofan 6
A tip of the hat to this aircrew and the ground support crew for making this flight a reality.
Michael Nitschke 2
Amazing great plane. does the job.
sparkie624 3
Excellent.. The KC-46 is a Good and Solid aircraft!
Matt West 5
I don't know if I would call it "solid". To be sure, the airframe it's based on has an excellent record as both a passenger and cargo aircraft. The 46 however is still not at full operational ability, even after so many years. They're still working out a number of "bugs", including FOD, which has caused the USAF to stop deliveries in the past.

I don't know how they were able to take such a proven workhorse and mess it up the way they have. That said, if anyone could screw it up, it'd be Boeing.
sparkie624 1
There is a group local here flying them, and I have not seen issues with them and I also know a mechanic who works at the airbase as a mechanic. They seem to really like the plane!

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sparkie624 11
It may be old, but first time that I have seen it.


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