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United Airlines Boeing plane loses wheel after takeoff from Los Angeles and lands safely in Denver

LOS ANGELES — A United Airlines Boeing jet lost a main landing gear wheel Monday while taking off from Los Angeles and later landed safely in Denver, the airline said. There were no reported injuries on the ground or on board Flight 1001, United said in a statement. “The wheel has been recovered in Los Angeles, and we are investigating what caused this event,” the statement said. ( More...

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rob strong 9
Maintenance issue, not a manufacturer issue.
dnorthern 29
Not a Boeing issue. Irresponsible reporting for Noeing to be featured in the headline. Further proof journalism is dead
chugheset 4
Once there is blood in the water the sharks begin to circle. I've noticed a significant increase in the number of random Boeing mentions for any type of incident (e.g., Irate passenger removed from Boeing airplane...). Journalism is indeed dead (not that we needed more proof).
EMK69 13
Not only that but the link when I pulled it up it shows the Lion Air crash, talk about irresponsible journalism.
linbb 2
Most reporters are not even in the USA anymore look at the name on many and how many times its written. These are people who work out of there homes somewhere.
btweston -1
Uh, no.
Bill Overdue -1
Sadly, he's dug in so deep, he can't see the utter failures of his own making.

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Torsten Hoff 15
It was Boeing employees who removed the plug during maintenance, and didn't reinstall it properly nor produced the required documentation for their work. That makes it a Boeing issue.
Greg S 14
Imagine believing that a Boeing employee who left the bolts off what was effectively part of the fuselage is somehow not a Boeing issue!

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Dave Mathes 0
...Bill, what planet are you from...?
Bill Overdue -4
From 'Merica baby, where a former President is the current Vice President and subsidized airplanes fall out of the sky!
Dean Brossman 20
I can be sure that it is not a Boeing issue. This was a 757-200 and they have not been made for over ten years.
Agreed, and the last 757 was completed in October 2004, so nearly 20 years.
Joe Keifer -7
If the Boeing-provided maintenance procedures are defective or otherwise deficient, I can see Boeing having some of the blame levied upon them.
Dean Brossman 5
The procedures have been in place for over 20 years without an incident. Also, safety locks are elementary procedures to a licensed mechanic. Your statement does not apply in this situation.
Dave Mathes 2
...this is along the same lines as the line mech that got sucked into an engine recently, why was Boeing included in the headline...FOD is FOD, Boeing had nothing to do with it...
Mika Bjork 1
It’s a known issue.
Andrea Jankovich 1
DEI maintenance issue.
Scott Wiggins 1
My thought exactly. Blackrock and Soros infected our society with this garbage. Competency crisis across the board.
Joe Keifer 1
Does the NTSB get involved in events such as this? If not, should they be?
stratofan 2
My question is will the union lackey that did not tighten the lugnuts get canned for not doing his/her job? I don't think so. Of course, the MSM just loves throwing Boeing under the bus for another incident related to one of their products and not practicing a random act of journalism. LOL!
Dean Brossman 4
Lug Nuts? Really? Just shows you know nothing about transport aircraft.
Joe Keifer 2
Aren't they all "castle nuts" and safety-wired?
Bryan Milton 0
“Union lackey” have some respect

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linbb 10
What a stupid comment about this it has nothing to do with boeing in any way do you think boeing sends out people to maintain them with each purchase? ITS ON THE AIRLINE NOTHING TO DO WITH BOEING.
Dave Mathes 1
..whoa, wait a minute!!!..are you saying that every AC doesn't come with a full box of mechanics with every purchase?..


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