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Singapore Airlines to Resume Nonstop Flights to Los Angeles from Nov 2

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Singapore Airlines will begin non-stop flights to Los Angeles on November 2, 2018, following the October 11 debut of direct flights to New York. The move follows the decision by fellow Star Alliance member United Airlines to axe its own Singapore-Los Angeles flights as of October 27, 2018. ( Mais...

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pilotjag 2
Another great article...
jbermo 3
I am told (that due to the great circle route), the distance from New York to Singapore is merely a few hundred miles further than Los Angeles to Singapore.
paul gilpin -1
you were told wrong.
SIN / LAX = 8782 miles
SIN / JFK = 9531 miles
the difference is such that SIN/LAX flies east. SIN/JFK flies west.
you have to stop talking to wall street bankers.
Ric Wernicke 1
I loved the old SQ37/38 with its all business configuration. The seats were better than most of the first class product today. The service was legendary. Crew was genuinely concerned with your comfort and provided the best amenities of any airline. The food was to die for. They even had a proper rice cooker aboard, and meals, even 12 hours after take off, had the taste and aroma of fresh premium rice.

It also had the only Singapore Sling with full Long Bar garnish offered aloft. The only thing missing was peanuts in the shell to throw on the floor and a $30 bar tab.

What makes no sense to me is the pricing. A one way flight is $4400. A round trip is $4700.


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