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AIRPLANE transformed into Kindergarten!

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teacher in Georgia decided to make things more exciting for children.....I wish I went to this kindergarten! ( Mais...

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Zach Katona 4
That's absolutely awesome! But how in the world did she pay for that thing on a teacher's salary? Lol.
tim mitchell 2
it fell off a
John Thurston 2
Great use for an aircraft that has passed its useful life. Can she use the radios to listen to ATC?
Damien Gehler 1
Best school ever. I truthfully don't think I would have passed kindergarten the first time around if I went there.
Cédric BRAQUET 1
too late for me ;)
Joy Hamilton 1
I agree with Zach! Where did that salery come from for this? I do love the idea big time. Repurposing in an awesome way!!!
SharonElizabeth 1
Very creative. Wish my daughter could attend such a class, in the US.


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