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A Brand-New Luxury Airline From the Maldives: Can it Compete?

A new airline is set to launch in the Maldives later this year. Beond is a luxury airline that offers flights for passengers exclusively in business class. On September 5, Beond announced plans to launch three routes from its hub at Velana International Airport (MLE) in the Maldives in November. ( More...

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hal pushpak 0
Not saying they shouldn't do this, but it's So ironic that a nation which tops the list for its own disappearance (due to ocean-rise) would also host a luxury airline with a much higher carbon footprint than a "normal" airline. The human race keeps shooting itself in the foot!
jeff slack 2
Thank you for saying what I was thinking, as I read the article.

srobak 1
The carbon footprint of an airline is not going to affect ocean rise. Remember - wherever it is you are standing right now was once covered by 150 or more feet of solid ice - long before aircraft, or even humans. Planetary evolution & lifecycle. It's a thing.


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