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Timelapse of Flight Between San Francisco and Paris Captures Northern Lights

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Time Lapse video of flight gets pics of northern lights ( Mais...

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Yvonne Malone 0
Saw the N.L.'s as a child in southern Wisconsin, I've never forgotten the sight, it was eerie and wonderful at the same time!!
george bruton 0
Did anyone see the a380 at the gate over when they taxi to there gate...wonder if that was the one from the JFK fender bender..
Ar Jay 0
Just because they are called northern lights you do not have to be looking North to see them. You can be engulfed in the magnetic field and have them all over. The fact that the video is taken looking South (right wing) has no bearing on the phenomena
Larry Butler 0
Truly awesome job
John Bircher 0
would it not be a westward flight from SF to Paris? The northern lights would be off the right side, right?
Jansen Scheepers 0
Awesome awesome video.
kevin swiss 0
northern lights can be seen out either wing depending on the intensity of the lights and how far north the plane goes. in this case they were out the southern facing wing. check out www. spaceweather .com to understand more about auroras, this is not a paid advert.
Brad Joseph 0
Something isn't right with this, as a previous poster mentioned, the northern lights would be off the left wing.

I'm confused.
Nick Bloom 0
Nice video! Great work putting it all together. :)
kyle dunst 0
wouldnt the northern lights be off the left wing?
Matt Comerford 0
sweet video, as a ham it's nice to have some solar activity again!
houndog528 0
Thanks Andre. Works like a charm. Amazing video! Thanks for posting.
Andre Saunders 0
houndog528 0
What a terrible website! Couldn't get it to work. Next time, just post the Youtube video link. It works so much better.
mattdavis 0
Toby Sharp 0
Super Cool!


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