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Oops: Car Tries To Drive Under Ryanair Boeing 737 & Fails

A ground-handing car became lodged underneath a parked aircraft at Alicante-Elche Airport in Spain on Tuesday. ( More...

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Shenghao Han 4
That also implied the car is a manual.
Automatic transmission locks the transmission when the car is put to park. Whoever driven the car might forgot they are driving a manual and thus forgot to apply the parking brake.
Even when driving an automatic, I almost always applies the parking break when I suspect the road/ parking surface is not flat.
Cleffer 1
Automatics also have a Neutral gear. A manual can be shut off when in gear as an "additional" brake, so even if you forget the emergency brake, having the vehicle in gear would prevent it from rolling.
Colin Seftel 3
Most airport aprons are perfectly flat, so I wonder what could cause a car to roll forward, even if the brake was off.

Roy Hunte 4
Most aren't perfectly flat, they have a slight slope for drainage.
Paul Miller 1
Waaaaaa End Of Ramp Driving Career ? maybe they should have a better driving instructor ?
alex hidveghy 2
Without doubt, there will be disciplinary action levied against the driver. I’ve seen similar occurrences at my airport over the past decade, some less, some worse.

One of the classic ones was rampers parking an El Al B787 for a RON in a holding pad WITHOUT wing walkers and damaging the wing as it struck a ramp high mast light behind the aircraft. That cost several people their jobs and the ground handling agency getting a big hike in their insurance premium. Plus an AOG for several weeks while revenue was lost.

Suffice to say, the Israelis were not exactly happy.

Stupid stuff happens. A lot. Unfortunately.
sparkie624 3
I have seen that as well, people fired, Unpaid time off... But then again it also depends on what the root cause is. I know one ramper that ran into a Dash 8 Prop head on with it out of feather... The cab looked like a loaf of sliced bread. The Driver had a Seizure and passed out at the wheel and it went straight into the prop. The seat he was in was absolutely shredded... However when he passed out he fell over and missed the prop by less than a quarter of an inch. He ended up taken disability, but that was the first time he ever had a Seizure. From what I heard, he had an undiagnosed brain tumor... What we do not know here is... Was the guy incapacitated at the time, or what really happened. Too soon to say disciplinary action when we do not know what the root cause was! It could have been a medical related issue or something of that nature.
alex hidveghy 1
True! I’ve also attended my fair share of medicals at the airport from minor to fatal…..

However, relocating an aircraft with a tug driver and a brake rider is unlikely to be a medical episode as opposed to negligence or as we call it, failure to exercise due care and attention resulting in damage to county or airline property.

Agreed in this Ryanair episode, only the investigation will reveal the circumstances that led to this incident. It did say the vehicle rolled under the aircraft, so no driver in the cab…….just forgot to check it? Put it in park?
sparkie624 1
That is a pretty expensive OOPS!


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