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Frankfurt Airport opens a multi-media Visitor Center

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Frankfurt Airport's new visitor center is now open where FlightAware's data powers the 'The Globe' which "is said to be the most technologically sophisticated exhibit, its interactive LCD wall designed to visualise all active flights around the world in real time." ( Mais...

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Boyd Thornburg 1
Leave it to the Germans to think up something like this!
Alan Cordery 2
Good, because getting around that airport, in the terminal,is very confusing.
ExPatHere 0
Love Frankfurt Flughafen and will check this out next time I’m there….
James Eaton 0
pleased for you but every time I pass through Frankfurt there are major issues including lazy and off-handed TSA staff (or the German equivalent) who seem to think they are there for their own entertainment...
Robert Cowling 9
That's awesome! I love the idea! The best airports are the ones that allow people to look outside unimpeded, and that also provide engaging displays on aviation. Both historic, and future trends. And lots of art...
victorbravo77 1
It seems like you can choose, say, ground control or the FO's seat of any flight and see what it's really like? Not sure it includes virtual flight decks, does it? The first image implies a virtual ramp position.

Amazing technology! And, I'm easily wowed(!) by what flightaware dot com can do!!


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