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Boeing 767 Sunset Takeoff at JFK

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Video of United Airlines 767-300ER takeoff at JFK. ( Mais...

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Pat S. 1
SmittySmithsonite 1
That was great! Excellent video.

That's the only way I want to see that part of the country these days - just flying right over it. :)
Dennis See 1
Great video! Thanks for sharing!
Larry Forseth 1
Nice video, brings back memories out of my retirement.
Jaime Terrassa 1
how cool is that
srobak -2
y'all realize this was flight simulator, right?
Dan Mena 2
Would be cool if it was, but there are some camera refocuses and grain in the scenery suggesting it was a real video.
srobak -1
Heh.... Yeah.. features of msfs 2020
Rick Welsh 2
Brings back memories for sure. Off to somewhere in Europe
Dan Mena 3
Very cool! I've flown the JFK service four or five times already, and row 5 definitely has to be the best for wing views!
Robert Cowling 2
I remember the first time I saw the 'terminator', the zone between dark and light.

patrick baker 4
iconic sunset views of midtown as the aircraft turned onto the runway, and the sky- stunning. Then, the roll, the liftoff, the engine sweet sounds: gosh, just see it for yourself and revel..Very nice video.Takeoffs shot through a passenger window reveal much- airport property, boundaries, cloud in and outs, climb rates, but this one video has checked any and all boxes. THe pilots had to be grinning about this flight...


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