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Those Mysterious Dark Helicopters Were Landing On Multiple Downtown LA Rooftops Last Night

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Atrio of mysterious gray Bell 407 helicopters equipped with unique antennas, which may belong to an especially secretive U.S. military aviation unit, was up in the skies again over greater Los Angeles yesterday. You can read more about what we've been able to determine about them so far in our initial reporting here. During their most recent flights, two of them landed multiple times on rooftops in downtown L.A. This is very reminiscent of realistic urban training exercises that the U.S.… ( Mais...

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Paul Miller 1
Goodness me !!! Seems that you have REALLY gone into doing a complete investigation of this Helo matter. Thank you for giving ALL of us a heads up on it.
linbb 0
Try using spell check and read what you are trying to stumble to post before doing it. Wow dark copters must mean the spooks are coming WOW go back to your play station.
sparkie624 1
Just posting an article I found in the news... I did not write it.


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