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One of the last airworthy Boeing 747-200s flies into retirement

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SEATTLE -- A Kalitta Air Boeing 747-200 delivers a soft puff of white smoke as the jet completes its second-to-last landing ever Thursday at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. On Friday, the jet and its crew will shuttle the airplane back to Kalitta Air’s home base in Michigan, where the airplane will be retired for good by the cargo carrier. ( Mais...

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SmokedChops 4
USAF 29000 is a B742 (usually known when occupied as AF1 ) Times are a-changing, indeed... 30 years of service is no small run! Hat tip to a long service, and a thanks to all of the 'third seat' operators!
siriusloon 3
There are two VC-25As: s/n's 82-8000 and 92-9000. They are always, not just usually, "Air Force One" when the President is onboard. Anyone else "occupying" them gets a different call sign (such as "Air Force Two" when the VP is flying on it).

The USAF has four E-4Bs, also derived from the 747-200: s/n's 73-1676, 73-1677, 74-0787, and 75-0125. These are the so-called "Doomsday Planes".

NASA has a 747SP.
Doomsday planes are now known as NEE CAP. National Emergency Airborne Command Post.
Since Operation Enduring Freedom, the Afghanistan War, the SECDEF uses one on overseas flights. The others are kept 'ready to go' at alternating bases around the country.
Terry Isom 3

William Wallace 1
So sad!!!!!!!!!


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