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Harrison Ford won't face any penalties over runway incident

I'm a bit surprised, I expected a 709 check ride at the very least. LOS ANGELES (AP) — Harrison Ford's attorney says the actor will not face any penalties over mistakenly landing on a taxiway at a Southern California airport earlier this year. ( More...

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A regular pilot, average person, they would take is Pilot License away for a few months at least.
patrick baker 3
I don't recall the faa being so understanding, so forgiving, so willing to overlook just a little mistake in judgment. These guys have fined and grounded folks for much less, and tell me please, didn't he break some kind of FAA regulation in doing that stupid deed?
sueridge307 2
Maybe he should face the dark side of things. Vader will deal with him
josh homer 1
Kylo already did :)
Tony Perez 1
Well, I still don't know what Ford's POV was. Perhaps his explanation made sense and we just don't see it from the news amd video clip.
Mike Mohle 2
How many of you predicted this? A lot of you did. If it was some regular Joe his suspension would just be kicking in about now....
joel wiley 1
So, anything available other than attorney's statement which seems to be the sole source of the news reports.
Remember the Force will be with you always he should have parked the Falcon there
joel wiley 1
Can't park it there. Illegal to possess laser cannons in Calif unless you are in law enforcement.
bentwing60 1
Maybe a NASA form.


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