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Delta Bans Trump Supporter Who Ranted At 'Hillary Bitches' On Flight

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In a video posted to Facebook by Emma Baum, one of the passengers on the flight is seen standing up from his seat and yelling about Donald Trump to the rest of the plane. The flight crew had received criticism on social media for not kicking the man off of the flight. Passengers on the Tuesday morning flight from Atlanta to Allentown, Pennsylvania would be refunded the cost of their tickets and that the man in the video “will never again be allowed on a Delta plane.” ( Mais...

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Alan Brown 11
I'm glad they banned him. Regardless of his reason for being an idiot, bad manners are bad manners, and when you have a confined group that can't leave, then you deserve to be punished for bad behaviour.
drdek 11
That guy was clearly provoking confrontation. Fine for a bar, but not on a plane.
Jack Carson 8
I agree with David King. Agree with the idiot or not,this was not the time or place. Save it for the bar.

Lucio DiLoreto 4


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