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Beleive it or not UFO over B777 on the ground

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KMIA (MIAMI) over the skies of Florida many on lookers at the airport witnessed this awesome show of a rocket over head. Many thought it was a UFO. In fact it was a rocket blasting off the wrong way. ( Mais...

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Never seen this footage before is this for real??
WhiteKnight77 1
The Navy launched a Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral on Wednesday morning.
joel wiley 1
I'd think Floridians would be familiar with the trails from Cape Canaveral launches. One of the filmer's buddies may have explained it later. We used to catch the occasional launches from Vandenburg CA from as far as Sacramento in the evenings.
Loral Thomas 2
You would think Floridians would be familiar with the launch sights but was not the case Wed. morning. I was leaving Central Fl as the satellite was launched and listening to a radio station that had callers saying the rocket had blown up. The view from the Cape (further north than the Miami video) was a little different. Rocket ducked (or penetrated) a cloud and set off an unusual picture of contrails. My view was through my windshield and even I had to look twice to figure it out. Even had a caller that was at the Cape saying it had blown up. Of course, it didn't. The launches are one of the things I miss most about not being in Fl anymore. Really liked being up in a plane and watching them. Did that several times.
littleindia 1
Your right there. We see a lot of UFO'S in India some look like car wheel hubs


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