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A Billionaire Just Spent £400 Million Pimping Out A Boeing 747-8i

Welcome aboard the custom-built plane that makes Air Force One look like The Wright Brothers’ first effort. These extraordinary images show an enormous jumbo jet that has been converted into a luxury home for a mystery billionaire. ( More...

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sportfish 2
These fotos are from at least two entirely different VVIP 747's. Note the entirely different full-forward staterooms.
Daniel Reiter 4
Note that these are computer generated renderings. The most obvious flaw can be seen in the image immediately following the line "The plane wouldn’t look out of place on Cribs.". The flower arrangements on the table are physically identical in their number, shape, and orientation of each flower.

There's several other things which stick out, mostly relating to a lack of natural variation in the lighting and furniture. As a hobby CG artist, these sorts of architectural renderings are quite common to see.

These images are still impressive, but they are fundamentally not photographs of any real aircraft. They were created by an artist.

As an aside, a really impressive computer generated architectural scene to look up would be "Unreal Paris" by Dereau Benoit.
preacher1 1
Probably a rendering to show what something will look like.
LOL at no seat belts. Anywhere.
preacher1 2
While this is on the extravagant side, there are many corporate big iron out there that are far better than nice. Everybody talks about the BBJ, but there are many bigger ones bought green and taken to a private outfitter. I started in a 707, progressed into a 757 and the company now has a 767 and CRJ200 as well as a nice King Air. They are just a way to get from A to B but nothing was spared. Nice is an understatement.
Daniel Reiter 1
Though still impressive, these are computer generated renderings - as pointed out in some of the comments on that page.
Lloyd Boyette 1
I don't know. The people who commented on this aren't experts and most likely people who don't know the difference between a A320 and a B737. ( you see them all the time ) I'm not sure about it, however, wouldn't doubt that someone would do this to a 747. God knows there are people in the world that would in fact do this no matter how extravagant it appears.
Marc Hubben 1
At least the floor plan mentions an office... on the other hand the kitchen for the mentioned restaurant is missing - so don't forget to grab a bite before boarding...
As for the comparison to AF One (either one of the two similar 747's...) - I'd take AF One any given day (not that I ever was near, let alone on it - but) just think about all those gadgets that really pimp those 747's!!! Also I'm not quite sure about the Wright Brothers' ability to refuel in mid-air...
Hopefully the new owner of that so called pimped 747 has at least a split personality so he can make use of those 16 satellite-tv's and doesn't have to settle for one.
There's supposed to be an out of service 747 in Black Rock City / Nevada this year (body only / no wings if I recall correctly) that will most likely fit my idea of being pimped! Although I'm gonna miss that one as well.
Egadnow 1
At least the finished product, if ever, will not have been made with tax money, or will it? Tax write off for NECESSARY business, and other corporate business operstional expenses???!!!
Hey this must be Christian Grey's ride??!!
The linked website just tries with some extravagant, to get clicks for all the garbage which is all around the rendered pics.
sparkie624 1
It looks nice, but spending money like this, I can see how a billionaire could work himself into to being a millionaire.


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