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Passenger helps co-pilot land plane after pilot falls ill during flight

What are the odds that a pilot and a doctor would both be passengers on the same plane? And what are the odds that they’d both be called into action during that flight? A Jet Airways flight from Bangkok to Delhi had to make an emergency landing after the captain fell ill and, as a doctor was tending to him, another passenger was helping the co-pilot land the plane. ( More...

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homburge 6
Non-story. The "passenger" was a rated pilot for the same airline.
joel wiley 3
Story - neither the FO or the rated pilot assisting were authorized to taxi. Does AAA ERS cover that?
C Anderson -2
I read it and you did too. I think maybe that's the whole purpose of media. But, even thought I have a nursing license, I don't expect to use it every time I visit the hospital. If I am called on during a normal visit, you can probably assume it's "news" to someone. Hopefully, not to you.
Doug Herman 5
And don't call me Shirley.
Ric Wernicke 3
Well, everyone knows American flight attendants can fly a 74 with a gaping hole in the cockpit and safely land the plane! Hollywood even made a movie about it.
joel wiley 2
India doesn't have Otto Pilot on staff.

Here's a better title:

"Indian regulations allow pilot to fly 300 kts at 34,000 feet and land plane, but forbid him to taxi 20 kts on the ground to his gate"
C Anderson -1
though (not thought)


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