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Air Canada flight diverted after Pilot screams for help

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"The cockpit door opens and there is the pilot and he starts screaming and holding onto the airline attendant saying 'Help me, help me,'" Brown said. "I am seeing the pilot saying 'help me,' I am a little concerned. "He was screaming 'get me off the plane' -- you don't want to hear that. "He looked like he was insane, grey, dead eyes." Here is a track for the flight. I don't know if this data is correct because it shows that… ( Mais...

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Kevin Brown 2
Here is a link to the track log which indicates that the jet plunged to 600ft! Can't imagine this is correct
Brian Lager 2
Looking at the data It shows the acft at 1819 hrs. at 37000ft. It then begins a gradual descent to 600 ft. at 1845 hrs. At 1847 hrs. he is back to 37000 ft. One hell of a rate of climb. I guess the data is screwed.
Ric Wernicke 1
Something is wrong with the data. The sudden plunge should have has a large increase in speed. The return to altitude looks like 5 or 6 g's anyhow. Everyone would have passed out.
Mike Malin 1
Souds like a full outorotation recovery , but with a ceased wing . Numbers don't jive .
Sounds like a panic attack at 37000 personal problems maybe a contributing factor to this icendent as to the planes attitude something is not right with data .
Paul Marcil 1
In looking at the chart, it seems that the incident alledgedly occured over an approximate 30 min time period. If the pilot relied solely on the chart, anyone would conceivably panic. Chart also shows that speed dropped to 0kts. That is not likely since there would have to be forward movement even if the aircraft was descending - thus 0 not possible. So I would tentatively conclude that it was an instrument failure or temporary malfunction.
Jeraboam 1
The clue is in the name of the media source. One doesn't expect to read a balanced, explanatory report in the Toronto Sun. The incident wasn't even noticed in the other local media. Read the inane comments from Sun readers and you will understand that this is a superficial report with little or no content.
Paul Marcil 1
LOL - So typical - LOL
Orville1000 1
This story is from the Toronto Sun. If you ever take a tour of its plant, the tour guide will personally vouch is the biggest rag in the history of Canadian journalism. At least what happened on my school trip years ago.

This aircraft declared a medical mayday to Toronto Centre over North Bay. The ACARS flight data is inaccurate, it's purported triangular approach path is even inexplicable when such flights make a beeline instead of meandering around. The 1st officer suffered some undisclosed ailment. Who knows, possibly asthma. Something debilitating. The cause hasn't been published.

The Captain would've assumed control as a medivac flight and given #1 landing priority. EMS rendezvous once coming to a stop on the assigned runway and on to whichever nearby hospital for hopefully a speedy recovery. In all, delaying the flight to NJ by maybe an hour.


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