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Solved after 70 years: The mystery of the missing Lancaster bomber crew

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A lost Lancaster bomber crew have finally been found after a German team located the remains of their downed aircraft near Frankfurt. Five missing British airmen were found inside the wreckage of their World War Two bomber. They were guided to the site in Laumersheim, Germany, by an eye-witness who saw the plane crash 69 years ago. ( Mais...

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An interesting story, made even more interesting just by the fact, of having been in this area with the US Army in mide 1970's,where this plane was found .. although there never was any mention if it at that time.
Anthony Kirkham 2
After all these years it is very poignant that these young men have finally been found. They deserve to be remembered not as missing men but real people that gave their all for our freedom
James Vance 1
Amen to that, brother!


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