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FAA predicts airline passenger travel to double by 2032

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If you’ve been thinking that flights are full and airports are crowded lately, brace yourself. On Thursday, FAA released its annual forecast, projecting that airline passenger travel will nearly double over the next 20 years. According to FAA, U.S. airlines will carry 732 million passengers this year, 746 million next year and eventually 1.2 billion in 2032. ( Mais...

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Robert Cheeseman 3
imagine that...twice as many ignorant, disgruntled pax hurtling through our airways in aluminum & unobtanium tubes!
I don't believe it.

Michael Yockey 2
Of course it's equally likely that the TSA will have made airline travel illegal by 2032.
Stan Schelling 2
hahaha yea and remember the number of pilots will be cut in half as well. as long as they keep working on the autoland systems pretty soon us pilots are going to have office jobs watching the instruments and running the autopilot on a computer.
DashTrash 2
I want what they're smoking. At $3 a gallon spot price for Jet A the airlines are going to have to start shelling out megabucks for fuel. There will come a time when the average person won't be able to afford to fly on vacation and business will schedule more conference calls rather than face to face meetings. There will be fewer people flying....
blake1023 2
Wishful thinking FAA.... The airlines would love to grow at that rate; but with More regulation, More oversight, Higher Taxes in user fees, High fuel prices, they can't grow.
Jeffrey Babey 2
Fly the friendly skies? with bumpers on the wings! I think were going to need ALLOT more airports!
Aaron Barthol 2
I don't see the point in even looking that far into the future. How about we deal with what current matters are on the table there FAA.
FedExCargoPilot 1
In 2032, planes will have solar panels on them and can switch to jet fuel anytime. In 20 years from now this world will be a different place, just look at how its changed since the 80s, I think this fact is far fetched.


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