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Cadet pilot falls asleep, overshoots airport

A report released during the week by the Transport Safety Bureau has revealed that the young pilot - who has been suspended from flying - woke to find he had overshot Parafield airport and was heading out to sea. ( More...

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Ray Zimmermann 0
A rather strange story . . . headline makes it sound like he fell asleep but story says he blacked out and was unconscious for 55 minutes. And the plane kept flying? I wouldn't think a student pilot would be on autopilot.
Matt Richards 0
ATSB details:
Jimmy Bennett 0
wow i guess he got bored??
mark tufts 0
he should have taken a nap before flying back
TTail 0
SOUNDS like someone either LIED on the medical form, OR, had unknown and unfounded medical problem/problems. too bad he had to go out like this.


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