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U.K. Looks At Licensing Lasers

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British authorities are proposing to regulate the sale of laser pointers to curb attacks on aircraft. The U.K. Department for Business, Energy and Industrial has issued a “call for evidence” into possibly licensing the sale of small lasers. “Used irresponsibly or maliciously, these products can and do wreak havoc and harm others, with potentially catastrophic consequences,” said Business Minister Margot James. “That’s why we want to hear from business groups, retailers and consumers about the… ( Mais...

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Bill Babis 0
Nothing but regulation creep and government growth. You could "irresponsibly or maliciously" use anything. Even the power of government.
Bernie Behling 0
And all the millions of laser pointers already sold and in use? How do they plan to deal with those? The genie has long been out of the bottle with these, you're not getting it back in without a massive government program that will cost hundreds of millions of pounds.


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