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Secondary Cockpit Barriers Finally Become Mandatory On Commercial Aircraft More Than 20 Years After 9/11

President Joe Biden has ‘fixed’ one of the most tragic flaws that led to the darkest day in American aviation, 9/11. This week, the president signed into law the “FAA Reauthorization Act of 2024,” which now requires a secondary cockpit barrier to be installed on all commercial aircraft. ( More...

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Greg S 8
Nobody has been able to get through the primary barrier to the cockpit, the reinforced cockpit door developed after 9/11. And in the Germanwings crash, that cost many lives. Pilot murder-suicide is always a threat and these reinforced cockpit doors magnify that threat. It seems that aviation writers can't seem to understand this fact. There are pros and cons to almost every design change.
Dan Anderson 1
All it would take is an unruly passenger threatening a cabin attendant to use the code to enter the door to make it happen.

It is not about what has happened in the past. Rather, it is a preventative measure for other possible situations. (That, by the way, is why we have vaccines - to prevent issues before they happen.)
Greg S 6
Both hijackings and pilot murder-suicide are viable future scenarios. Which is more likely? I'd agree that hijackings are significantly more likely, but after 9/11 nobody is going to comply quietly with hijacker demands. This change happened even before 9/11 was finished as the passengers on flight 93 demonstrated. Today, when there are disturbances on aircraft, not only flight crew but also other passengers will intervene to subdue troublemakers. My only request is that airline safety experts weigh the pros and cons of such measures *rationally* rather than emotionally. I'm not convinced that happened for this proposal.
There were at a minimum 387 other people who had a hand in this. This President didn't "fix" anything.
Highflyer1950 4
I guess his signature carries more weight?
sparkie624 -5
He probably did not realize how import it was... Or he didn't know what he was signing!
Highflyer1950 4
I think the direction indicated for a secondary barrier doesn’t necessarily mean extra doors etc. Possibly electronic, secondary locking mechanisms, but whatever is designed it can’t impede emergency egress pr emergency response. It will be interesting to see what the engineers come up with.
Dan Anderson 0
What do you have against Mr. Biden? Please be specific with citations for any claims you make.

Would you prefer the Tangerine Man to be in charge and have him dismiss the bill because 'it would be too expensive to accomplish'?
Paul Sakrison 6
Trump's negatives do not make Biden good.
Frank DeLeon 3
Wow, just wow! What does anyone have (in general) against Biden? What planet did you just parachute in from? Gas, food, border, lawfare, senility, decimated armed forces, gaffs. I could go on.
sparkie624 0
Biden is a Joke... Trump would be 10,000 Times better and that may be an understatement. He has done nothing right and requires handlers to keep him out of trouble and the handlers are almost as bad as he is....
aknorris -1
You ask for specifics and then resort to 3rd-grade name-calling like "Tangerine Man"?
No, you lost all credibility and don't deserve any rational answers.
Do better; or, at least try.
Ron Wilcher -2
I dont have time to answer all the things I have against Joe. Try $5.00 a gal gas for one. Or food prices that are 25-30% higher. Oh did someone say inflation. How about people losing their jobs. Wars etc, etc.
John D 1
Flunked economics, eh?
aknorris -2
Looks to me like he probably has a pretty good grip on economics. I know I do. You think inflationary fiscal policies don't cause this misery we're experiencing?
If so, you need the remedial course.
John D 2
Looks like you flunked economics too.
aknorris -2
My Ph.D. says you are just an ignorant, trolling Biden apologist. Study up for a few years and maybe you'd have a snowball's chance in hell of keeping up with me.
John D 1
So, you say. More likely repeating MAGA spooge from fundraising emails.
aknorris 0
Fortunately, your belief -- or disbelief -- is irrelevant to the facts.
I've been 100% factual; you have just proven with that language that you are nothing more than a troll.
I'm done with you.
djames225 2
sparkie624 -7
It must have been by Accident...
Dan Anderson -1
Was it a formal Accident, or did you mean by accident?

Why would it be an accident given that it is Congress who passed the bill and he signed it?

Do you also have a problem with the FAA requiring safety measures to keep the flight deck safer for the flight crew? Would you, maybe, prefer it to go back to the days when anyone could walk up to the door and open it willy-nilly?
sparkie624 -3
He probably had no clue what he was signing... He has done nighting right for so long and then do something good.. it had to be by mistake. He is not known for his great decisions, but I guess he gets lucky every once in a while. Every Dog gets a bone once in a while!


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