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Bankrupt charter airline iAero to cease operations

30 to 40 planes worth of 737 capacity are coming out of the charter market with the demise of iAero Airways. ( More...

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mimana 4
I'm beginning to think this is a new strategy to wash money.
mimana 2
The airline’s main flying base is at Miami International Airport. They had services between Miami and Cuba several times per day.
Tflys1 2
"According to court documents, business problems included mismanagement and alleged fraud by previous leadership,". From a former Swift employee there was/is nothing alleged about it. Conry and his side kick win again.
Peter Fuller 2
Does the rest of the air charter industry have the capacity to meet the short-term needs of iAero’s customers?
Peter Fuller 1
Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
Brian Freeman 1
Well, when you fly teams like the Oakland Athletics, I'm quite certain you're doing it at bargain basement prices. Probably not much margin there.
Dominic Flynn 1
Oh wow
I saw one leave KGEG, one of their 737-400s
Had no clue it would be one of their last
jim sisti 1
Back to the topic. Wasn't Swift Air involved in Eastern Airlines a few years ago, or some connection to Dynamic Airways before or as it went bankrupt? I recall after Dynamic lost one of its 767 to an engine fire at FLL it was taken over by Swift and then Swift flew as Eastern(?) for a brief period.
Just seems like it is all a game of 5 card Monty, and other than investors and creditors losing, the core players just keep changing the name on the tail and re emerge with fresh funding.

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Jimmy Robinson 19
It is sad when an aviation company has to cease operations, but it's also inappropriate to bring politics into this forum. Please take your political views somewhere else.

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Eric Kulisch 12
I get what you're saying, but it's not great to see every problem in the business world similarly blamed on Biden with snarky comments. There's no need for it and there is no connection to Trump or Biden, so why stir the pot even if it's intended as a joke? Because it's not that funny at the end of the day. Politics is testy enough so why inject it where it doesn't belong?
Georgina Echols 4
So very true.

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mrvair 2
No dkenna, you made it political by mentioning Trump.
Nooge 2
No ?? What should we do when the word bankruptcy appears ?
dkenna -2
Are you saying that he or his businesses can never be discussed without it being political? Just by saying his name doesn’t automatically make the discussion pertain to government. I made a joke about the Organization, NOT administration.
Betsy McGrath 3
Let's look at the facts. trump's airline defaulted on its debt. Numerous hotels and casinos have gone out of business. He doesn't pay his lawyers and cannot pay his legal debts. His "university" was a joke. He's selling gold sneakers and Bibles at the moment. No, NOT political: those are the FACTS!
Nooge 2
You cannot reason with a Cult 45r

Facts are irrelevant to MAGA victims


Moron Awhole Grifting Americans
C J -5
To be fair to dkenna, this is what happens on EVERY flightaware post where the extreme right wingers talk about how Biden is ruining the country, or spout cryptic and absurd conspiracy theories about vaccines, and bombard anyone who thinks differently with comments that they are sheep. If it's fair game for them, it should be fair game for folks on the left. After all, the right wingers are the ones who accuse people on the left of being "snowflakes"...if they want to show how strong and intelligent they are, they should be able to handle a gentle ribbing. I too would prefer this entire site to be aviation focused, but that cat got out of the bag a LONG time ago.
dkenna 3
Exactly right. And look at that, downvoted because you are making sense!!
Georgina Echols -1
H’s an Ass and he knows it.
dkenna -2
Yes; insult me because our viewpoints differ. You know nothing about me, but are quick to judge. I would bet that you consider yourself a Christian woman too. The fact that you all are so upset at a joke. Seriously!? Did you all forget to take your Miralax or something? What’s the issue here really? I made a bad joke, so what? I know stating facts to you drumf supporting loonies is like understanding quantum physics, you just don’t get it, so like Paul suggested, i won’t waste time trying
paul trubits 0
Go waste someone else's time

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