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American Airlines, Southwest weigh in on JSX’s less restrictive charter jet model

The two Dallas-Fort Worth major airlines are asking the Federal Aviation Administration to take a harsher look at security procedures and pilot requirements of public charter jet models. ( More...

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matt jensen 8
they complain about anyone entering their market
krispykreme 3
Not just complain, they will sue them out of business. See Legend Airlines.
April Hill 15
We live in Dallas and have used JSX for a trip to Vegas. It was a phenomenal experience. Consumers deserve choice.
jgoedker 7
A bit strange that Southwest would be asking the government for anything considering how they came to be in the first place.
murray murray 6
Sounds like JSX is filling flight routes the bigger boys have abandoned for sake of profitability, .Is it really a huge problem that they picked up the baton and are running with it ? There is a shortage of pilots for the bigger boys due to the flight hr requirements,is this not a way for pilots to gain valuable flight hrs to be able to fill those jobs ?
jgoedker 5
Isn't everything a business does "for the sake of profits"? That's kinda the reason they exist, isn't it? I have no issues with making profits, just when the big boys keep the others from it.
Tflys1 4
Cry babies cry me a river
Realmente problemas existem em todos os Paises mas como é bom pessoas antenadas para chamar atenção de setores responsáveis .
Ken Thompson 5
Pay wall. Can’t read the article without subscribing to Dallas Morning News.
April Hill 2
Posted article in the comments.
yeah, but the "escape button" hack seemed to work.
Peter McGrath 2
So, what's the "Escape button hack"? Inquiring minds want to know!
April Hill 2
Article is posted in comments.
Fred DeGuio 2
Any carrier that will serve a remote airport like Taos, NM has my vote. Forcing passengers to drive great distances to get to an airport is far more dangerous than a Part 135 air carrier. AA has dropped service to several smaller cities in the past few years leaving these places with no other service. We need carriers like JSX, Contour, and hopefully SkyWest Charters to fill in these voids.
April Hill 2
Fort Worth-based American Airlines and Dallas-based Southwest Airlines are taking aim at charter jet services, such as North Texas competitor JSX, over pilot requirements and security concerns.

Legacy airlines and some pilot unions are objecting to attempts to expand the niche space in which JSX operates — known as Part 135 charter jet service. Part 135 operators are allowed to forgo Transportation Security Administration lines and other regulations placed on traditional airlines, but can only sell a maximum of 30 seats on their planes.

In a letter added to the over 50,000 comments received by the Federal Aviation Administration, American is the latest to weigh in on the regulations. Its vice president and head of regulatory and international affairs, Molly Wilkinson, said the carrier thinks Federal Aviation Administration regulations should “not be gamed” and aviation security is being undermined without a TSA checkpoint.

“The misuse of the exception for public charter operators under existing FAA regulations ... distorts competition and degrades our nation’s aviation system,” Wilkinson wrote.

In August, the FAA sought input on new updates to safety regulations for charter jet companies, which operate without as many rules as larger commercial carriers.

The conversation amplified when regional airline operator SkyWest, which works with airlines such as American and United, asked federal authorities to operate its own Part 135 charter service, similar to JSX. In a letter to the Department of Transportation signed by major pilot unions, including the Allied Pilots Association, which represents American’s pilots, and the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association, which represents Southwest’s pilots, union leaders said they were concerned about the application from SkyWest.

Last week, Southwest wrote to the FAA to urge a review of the practices by “certain scheduled passenger airlines.”

“This so-called ‘public charter loophole’ should be closed swiftly, and the safety of flying public and flight crew members should be the FAA’s only consideration,” said Andrew Watterson, chief operating officer at Southwest. “We urge the FAA to take all steps necessary ... and return to the one level of safety principle for all passenger airlines operating a published schedule and using aircraft with 10 or more seats.”

JSX chief executive officer Alex Wilcox pointed to the disproportionate operation sizes between major carriers and his 8-year-old private charter jet service that operates from Love Field in Dallas. “We find ourselves attacked by two of the biggest airlines on planet Earth,” he said.

In an Oct. 4 email to JSX customers, Wilcox accused American and Southwest of pushing “misinformation and unsubstantiated safety claims in a brazen attempt to regulate JSX out of business. In fact, JSX has a flawless safety record and far exceeds applicable safety, security and regulatory standards.”

JSX sells tickets on its 30-seat Embraer jets and TSA screening is not required because of the small number of passengers on the flight. Wilcox said JSX has a “blemish-free” security history.

“Small is beautiful,” Wilcox said. “There’s 30 people that we’re worried about.”

Pilots and first officers at large U.S. air carriers are required to undergo certification that includes accumulating 1,500 flight hours. JSX and other Part 135 carriers such as Tennessee’s Contour Airlines only require first officers to have 250 hours of flight experience and captains to have 1,200 hours, according to SimpleFlying.

Wilcox said JSX has self-imposed duty time limits for how it schedules pilots. “There’s really no difference in terms of the pilot and in terms of training standards,” he said.

Dennis Tajer, communications chair for the Allied Pilots Association, said there simply shouldn’t be two sets of rules.

“How in the world, just because there are 30 souls on board or less and I have 170 souls on board my airplane, can you have a different set of rules? You deserve the same set,” Tajer said.

This week, Volato, a private aviation firm, expanded its Volato Go! flight program in Texas, with one-way flights between Love Field, William P. Hobby Airport in Houston and Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Volato flies based on customer requests so it’s not governed by the charter jet regulations.

JSX has a fleet of 47 active airplanes, operating about 100 flights a day with about 1,000 employees, Wilcox said. There are over 1,800 private air charter operators and over 11,000 private charter aircraft in the country, according to the U.S. Private Aviation Association.

Wilcox said if lawmakers want to mandate what JSX is “already doing because it’s the right thing to do,” he has no problem with that.

“We are fighting fire with fire,” he said. “We’re going to win this thing decisively.”
Joe Smoulder 2
I have to side with the ATP carriers in this instance. It sounds like JSX is selling individual tickets for scheduled flights that they call charter.

If they were to have a membership with a block of hours/miles etc. and customers needed to purchase these blocks it would more fit a charter model. Just because their planes hold less than 30 people should not qualify them as a charter Part 135 carrier.
Larry Toler 1
Actually, they're EMB145'S are fitted with 30 to 50 seats. That may be how they can justify it.
darjr26 1
I’ve worked for both a 135 and 121 carrier. Operationally there is a big difference and it goes way beyond security screening. 121 carriers are held to much higher regulatory standards. You are not comparing apples to apples.
Matt Lacey 1
When JSX reached out over email, I contacted the person who first made me aware of them. He said his friends who used JSX were all screwed - late cancelations after they made plans on the other end - and the company did nothing to make it right. Good idea, poor implementation.
heiligenwho 1
the dallas duopoly pushing another little guy around. 1. FAA should call the FTC. 2. JSX is not guilty of letting a terrorist on a plane. AA did via contracted security in 2001. I am safe and happy on any of these airlines. These bullies LUV and AAL are scared for good reason.
David Boggs 3
Contracted security actually did there jobs. The FAA you are so fond of set the parameters that allowed the terrorists to get on the aircraft with box cutters.

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Alain Duncan 5
That sounds like the exact opposite of "Liberalism". You could have said "Socialists" or "Fascists" and you would have been correct. You could have said anyone in politics or in Business (with a capital "B") and you would have also been correct.
Nooge 2
Bill cant be in politics or in Business and god help the passengers if they give a plane to him
Cactus732 5
More like trying to level the playing field. Why do AA, SWA and all other 121 airlines have ti play by a certain set of rules when JSX and other similar charter operators are offering scheduled air carrier services that aren’t subject to the same restrictions?
krispykreme 6
AA & WN are welcome to play by the same rules as JSX. All they need to do is use an aircraft with 30 seats or less. Very simple.
Larry Toler 3
The pax still have to go through security, just not at the main airport. What's not fair for WN and AA? Pax having a better customer experience aboard EMBRAER 135 and 145 ERJ's, can't have that. I imagine they see future competition once JSX grows and starts using bigger aircraft and more routes. They're trying to nip that in the bud.
Randy Marco 3
@Bill YOU are brainwashed & ignorant.... the Clayton Anti-trust Act was introduced by a DEMOCRAT.

Elizabeth Warren and the DEMOCRATS continuously try to pass CONSUMER PROTECTIONS... the repugnant's BLOCK all attempts.

The repugnant's are trying to ELIMINATE the Consumer Fraud Protection Bureau, along with defunding Social Security.

repugnant's want MONOPOLIES and to pay NO taxes. Get an education fool!
Nooge 2
Bill was Overdue for a post that Demonstrates he is overopinionated and underinformed partisan

Bill YOU are brainwashed & ignorant.
jeff slack -2
not an appropriate comment; that is your opinion
Robert May 1
Surprise! That's what these comment sections are primarily - opinion. Did you ever hear the term "free speech"?
Alan Perry 4
Free speech applies to government restriction on speech. This is a forum provided by a private company. Their house, their rules.

But, to stay on topic, once the FAA doesn't give AA and Southwest what they want, they will buy out JSX and similar companies, absorb them, then shut them down.
Ken Thompson 2
Absorbing is not necessarily shutting down.
And getting bought out by a real airline is a much more favorable outcome than inevitable bankruptcy. The stockholders would have been very happy with that.
Bill Overdue -4
It's the new trend .. have the US Gov'mint eliminates the competition! No different than Biden & DOJ trying to get Trump off the ticket! Can't beat'em, get rid of 'em!
Nooge 4
Can't beat'em, ? really ?

No, Really He Lost and You are in A Cult

I guess they are not covering the Chesebro and Powell Guilty Pleas on News Max !!
Pierre Doyon -1
Trump 0
Biden 2
Steve Hornady 0
not sure the issue is quite so clear. For charter flights the security at the airport should be just as stringent as it is for commercial flights. Quite different when you get on your own plane but just how easy is it for someone with ill intent to avoid TSA style security and be able to seize an aircraft once airborne?
Rosomak 3
Take NetJets for example. They operate both 91k and 135, and they go in and out of small, middle-of-nowhere airports all the time. There’s no way they could put agents at 1000’s of small rural airports.


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