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REAL ID Requirement Date Pushed Back Once Again

The deadline to obtain a REAL ID in order to fly is being pushed back to 2025. This follows a string of earlier postponements dating back to 2008. ( More...

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Pete Ostrowski 11
I dealt with the paperwork and lengthy lines to obtain my REAL ID three years ago. I understand there have been legitimate delays, but these continuing postponements are defeating the purpose of the process. It’s not that difficult…
JW Wilson 1
AH, but it has government oversight. Anyone in Vegas laying odds on the 2025 date??? Lol...
richard turner 8
Cant you use the same ID you need to buy a gun?
amacnabb 0
Yes you can.

If the state your buying in has "Real ID", then THAT is the ID you need to purchase a firearm.

Currently, there are only 2 states that still have not adopted Real ID: Oregon & Oklahoma. All of the other 48 do offer it, and most will require it in the near future (probably when renewing).
Mark Jenkins 4
Some states have implemented "Real ID" compliant licenses as a non-standard type of license. If the people in that state didn't pay attention to the discussions about Real ID, then they will have just a standard license and that won't work for getting on a plane. For example, Washington (state) has had Real ID compliant licenses for at least four or five years now, but one has to request what Washington calls an "Enhanced Driver's License" and pay extra money to get one. So the state-by-state adoption of Real ID isn't enough to track Real ID license adoption progress for US intra-state flying; the actual citizen renewal of licenses into a Real ID compliant format needs to be tracked.

States have dragged their feet and, unfortunately, gotten extension after extension from the federal government. At some point one has to question whether enough adoption will ever have occurred that politicians are willing to accept the political heat will be generated when the rule change requiring Real ID compliant licenses is finalized and people start getting denied boarding while in the TSA security line.
MultiComm 12
Amazing how long it takes to implement something like this. It’s not hard to get a new ID people! State of Georgia requires renewing every 8 years and here we are going on 18 years since the legislation was signed.
James Simms 3
Every four years for Alabama
See. Alabama is racist.... ;-)
Lynn Holley 0
Sure are quite a few "racist" or almost so at the 5 year mark to renew across the country with that remark of yours. Racist yourself perhaps or just itching to throw shade? And the info below isn't just about older drivers. It has general population info in the column listing 1st!
Lynn Holley 0
I should've said, "quite a few racist AND almost so at the 5 year" instead of or since there ARE some 4 year renewals in the NE, out West and in the MidWest. Not just Alabama.
It is not that hard, everyone seems to be in agreement. However, There is a second part to this problem. The government needs to be agile to process and certify those legal IDs. One such legal ID is my military ID. It is not usable- the scanner can not read it. Ditto my VA ID.
mariofer 13
And to think that we once went from rockets blowing up to putting a man on the moon in half the time we have been tryin to implement this.
JW Wilson 1
and with hardly any computing power, in the design and the flight phases!
Joe Keifer 7
No wonder the US will never get to universal voter ID.
John D 7
Maybe we should use a passport like the rest of the world does.
Kenneth Irsay 7
A passport card or book will be acceptable ID as well.
D Chambers -3
Incorrect. Passport does not contain a verified address.
amacnabb 10
You don't have to give an "address" to fly. They don't care where you live, they only care about who you are.

As for a firearm purchase,then YES, you would be required to show residency in the state where you are buying. But even then, a passport is still acceptable for the "ID" part.
Harry Jolley 9
A passport is an acceptable form of identification and may be used in lieu of a REAL ID Drivers License or ID to board domestic flights and visit federal facilities. › real-id
REAL ID | Homeland Security
Thomas Riggs 3
This is a hug step backwards for air safety. It is not hard to get the required ID.
Russ Nelson 2
The public does not want REAL ID.
Adigun Samuel 2
This follows a string of earlier postponements dating back to 2008 Air traffic
Dale Ballok 2
“2005”! Well, I guess 20 years isn’t too bad for our government to take to put a new regulation into effect!
sparkie624 3
This is not really that complicated... But it is what it is!
Jim Allen 2
I got a real id with the passport info when I got my new license… no biggie. When I renew my passport I’m getting a passport card as well. What’s the big deal?
Bruce Abels 3
Agreed. I got a passport card as well. Only $30 and no hassles with trying to understand which things I need to bring to the Driver's License Facility. Which is good, because I was able to renew my license without having to go to the office. Win Win!
Mike Mohle 2
Blame The Covid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Proves government cannot accomplish anything we supposedly need, but make sure you use the correct pronouns and everything will be OK.
James Simms 5
Or if one owes the gubbermn’t back taxes, see how fast they move.
David Croft 1
I’ve seen those things at airports, why is it suddenly a requirement?

[This comment was deleted.]

Russ Nelson 2
It has no purpose. We are not any safer by knowing who someone is.
amacnabb -1
C'mon man,

I've got alot of "undocumented new voters" that I may need to ferry around the country in the nearfuture, and that's alot harder for us to do when they need an "official" ID that means something.

Don't worry though, Ladies & Gentlemen (I don't think I can still say that..), we will get this done, 'cause we're moving at the speed of government!

Now where's my ice cream...

Yours truly,
Joe Biden
Robert Taylor 1
Osama won. He has totally disrupted rhe American way. This postponement is hopefully the beginning of a return to the American way of living without fear.
linbb -1
Yes and its getting old on here another one about the 747 production end again and again.
Nathan Cox -2
Why do we need the Federal government intruding on our right to freely travel throughout the 50 states? It’s a constitutional right. Stupid ID laws infringe on this. As it is, you have to have a state issued ID to travel. Why increase this requirement and force me to pay more for my drivers license? It’s all about top down control. Resist!
amacnabb 4
Hey Nate,

You are already "free" to travel [anywhere] throughout the 50 states, no ID required!

I recently drove from Orlando, FL to San Diego, CA, never had to produce nor display my ID once (well, okay...maybe to check-in to my motel room).

So, ya know, it can be done...
Parker Merrill 4
Hey Nate Ol’ Buddy:

Will you cite what portion of the Constitution you are referring to regarding “free travel”? And how that citation of a right is being intruded upon with a requirement for identification when flying?

One only needs to watch a few “Sovereign Citizen” freedom to travel courtroom videos, many in the conservative southern states, to see how well such Constitutional rights arguments fare with the judges…
Michael Dealey 1
That's because judges have a habit of legislating from the bench. They need to be retrained in constitutional law, and that includes the Supreme Court. You can correctly argue that law enforcement and judges aren't going to buy this argument of "right to travel" and will still enforce unconstitutional laws that restrict that right, but that doesn't mean their interpretation is lawful (note: I did not say "legal").
Lynn Holley 1
Thanks for that link!
Michael Dealey -1
Try that argument with Pro-Choice advocates.

There are many fundamental rights not specifically listed in the constitution that have been upheld through case law for over a century. This is one of them, starting with Corfield v. Coryell in 1823 and upheld repeatedly since. The court also ruled that the Federal Government had no authority to protect this right -- meaning it is a matter for each State to decide, as it should be in a Republic. If the Federal Government has no authority to protect it, it also has no authority to infringe on it.

Real ID is an overreach of the Federal Government on several levels, not just regarding travel.
It's really no different than their attempt to usher in vaccine passports, which eventually would have been expanded to include and track your social media activity, your banking information, your spending habits, and your location at all times (i.e. where you travel).

Did you criticize a government policy online? No boarding pass for you.

The goal has been to convert the United States into Communist China for a very long time.
It's easy to confirm. They don't even hide it.


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